About Us

Our structuring, which started with 1 vehicle and 4 personnel in 2016, has reached its strength with today's 8 vehicles and 10 personnel, with our fleet and personnel investments, along with overseas, domestic overflow, Import and Export.

We continue to provide fast, realistic and reliable answers to your demands with the strength provided by our Piramit vehicles and our expert staff, on this road we set out to exceed our own service standards day by day.

While continuing our technology investments without slowing down in order to increase the added value we provide to our customers, we continue to export services with our policy of full compliance with European standards, 7 years of experience, our structure extending to Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia countries, and our 100% Turkish capital.

Why U.S?

To be dedicated only to what matters to your business, we have our Comprehensive Services, a 360º solution for efficient and meticulous management of your transport.

A service approach that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

We use time effectively, listen to our customers and constantly improve ourselves.

Our work guides us, we analyze our work well and we never stop doing the best.